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Overbird - Unique Art & Gifts for the Urban Birder

About Overbird

About Overbird
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Overbird is Lora Rini and Jenny Murphy, two long-time friends

from Columbus, Ohio who share

a passion for unique, creative things,

nature, and an appreciation

for art with a sense of humor and eccentricity.

 Over the years and throughout other endeavors, they encouraged each other in their various creative projects and aspired to some day be able to spend more then a few stolen hours drawing, painting, building, and inventing to sooth the creative urge.  As with all buried ambitions, there comes a time when it’s now or never. 

And so, finally, Overbird was born.


A Biography of Two Friends

In 1979, the two met while working at a local country-music night club called “Screamin’ Willies”.  They became friends and room-mates, and even as the years went by and their lives took different paths, they remained friends and continued to seek out and share creative discoveries and projects.


Jenny moved to California, and started a career in PR and Marketing in the LA Music industry, transitioning later to tech industry conference planning, and living in Seattle, and finally running her own conference planning business after returning to Columbus in the late 90s.  All the while, a steady stream of cartoons, sketches, and various art projects found their way onto Christmas cards, into the homes of friends and family and onto small business items.


Meanwhile, Lora met her husband working in the restaurant business, married and raised 3 kids.  During these years, she worked as a face-painter at art fairs, created original art, bird houses and furniture from natural materials and studied and perfected skills in wood-working, faux painting, pottery and tile, always experimenting with the use of multiple mediums and styles.


Both have always been animal-lovers and have a huge appreciation for the wild and natural world.  Their homes and gardens are sanctuaries for the wild, the feathered and the wooly.  So, at Overbird you’ll find fun and unique bird houses, feeders and gifts created by Lora and Jenny.  We hope you love having them as much as we love creating them.  Thanks for supporting Overbird.

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Copyright (c) 2006 Jenny Murphy. All Rights Reserved.