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Overbird - By Lora Rini

Barn Wood Birdhouses

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Barn Wood Birdhouses
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Hand Made & One-of-a-Kind

Each barn wood birdhouse is hand-made by Lora using authentic barn wood scavenged from the Ohio countryside (and wherever we can get it!) Because of the variation of the wood, finished pieces vary slightly.  Photos are of current work and when that supply of barn wood is exhausted we'll change the picture to reflect the new style of wood in use.  So these designs will change slightly as materials change.

(See below for features and care.)


Peaked Roof Barn Wood

Peaked Roof Barn Wood Birdhouse
Approximate Size: 6"-6"
Entrance Hole: 11/4"

Flat Roof Barn Wood

Flat Roof Barn Wood Birdhouse
Approximate Size: 7"-6"
Entrance Hole: 11/4"

Hanging Peaked Roof Barn Wood

Hanging Peaked Rood Barn Wood
Approximate Size: 6"x6"
Entrance Hole: 11/4"

  • All birdhouses have a 11/4" entrance hole and small ventilation holes.
  • All pieces have removable panels to allow easy cleaning. 
Copywrite 2006 Lora Rini